The PAKVITAE Advantage

With decades of experience in membrane filtration technology, PAKVITAE was able to create a ground-breaking new technology that delivers some industry-leading advantages.

  • Removes 99.99% of all the harmful bacteria’s.
  • Removes 99.99% of all the harmful parasites.
  • Remove all the suspended solids.
  • Superior performance and fibre strength.
  • Makes your Tap water drinkable.
  • Not recommended for salty water.
  • Highest component rejection and removal rates.
  • Low-pressure requirement.
  • Cost-effectiveness guaranteed.
  • Maintenance-free – Reliable.



A lifesaving innovation

The team’s relentless pursuit of a solution that could fulfil PAKVITAE promise to the people, has resulted in a ground-breaking new development.

Created using innovative ERM (Esoteric Resistive Membrane) technology, thousands of intrinsically anti-microbial hollow fibre membranes work together to make one highly effective filter that delivers the purity everyone deserves.

A process so simple

With minimal pressure, contaminated water enters the PAKVIATE filter system and begins its journey to purity.

The effect of ERM
Developed using ground-breaking ERM (Esoteric Resistive Membrane) technology, each hollow fibre membrane is intrinsically anti-microbial, meaning every part of it was made to fight harmful bacteria, cysts and viruses.

Highly effective
Finely controlled pore sizes ensure contaminants stand no chance, with 99.9999% of them blocked from going any further.

Almost as quick as it begins, the journey to purification is complete and thanks to revolutionary ERM technology, the build-up of any bio-film is prevented, ensuring the filter’s effectiveness and fast flow rate are maintained.

The Result
Clean and safe water, delivered quickly, easily and efficiently – instantly ready for drinking.

The magic of ERM technology

As soon as the microbes in contaminated water come into contact with our membrane surface, they are killed by zinc (the element used in our intrinsically anti-microbial membranes), with the dead microbes being washed away, ensuring no bio-fouling. Most chemically treated membranes require compounds to break from the surface and leach to the contaminants.

This leaves behind open pores, essentially rendering it weak and useless within days of use. Our membranes are intrinsically made with the anti-microbial compound, meaning they surface eliminates harmful microbes and continues to be effective for extended periods of time.

Thanks to ERM technology, an auto-backwash function easily removes all dirt and clogging, essentially renewing your membrane every time you use it, without any additional effort from you.